Le Tour de Mont Pleasant



2015 Le Tour de Mont Pleasant



Announcement: Parking for the Time Trial will only be available at the following address - Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel and Conference Center, 2424 S. Mission, Mt Pleasant MI 48858. The Conference Center behind the hotel on the west side of the building has generously offered to allow racers to park in their parking lot. The Registration/Check In/Information/ and Payouts will all be located here also. Thank you!

time trial: A time trial is a race by individual riders who shoot off of a ramp every 30 seconds to test their skills with high speed velocity riding.

Friday evening (June 12, 2015) will be our kick-off event for Le Tour de Mont Pleasant on Central Michigan University's campus (Race Central located at Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel and Conference Center at 2424 S. Mission, Mt. Pleasant MI 48858. The Start/Finish line will be located next to CME-Mitsuba Corporation at 2945 Three Leaves Dr., Mt. Pleasant) where cyclists of all different categories will be racing against themselves as they sprint for time in the "Time Trial." This course is approximately 1.97 miles long and will allow cyclists to gear up for a weekend full of competitive racing. TIME TRIAL BIKES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED FOR THIS RACE!


"The Chief Referee upon review of the course for Friday night's prologue time trial, has decided that in addition to the already communicated "no Time Trial only bikes", to also restrict bikes to those defined in rule 1M1(g) as "mass start bicycles". This restricts bicycles in the Friday Time Trial to "...a bicycle that is legal in all events within the road discipline...rather than a bicycle that is restricted to particular events. As an example, a bicycle with handlebars offering forearm support is not a mass start bicycle." In other words, no clip on bars will be allowed.
"Mass start bikes will be much safer and more effective on this course. The promoter is calling Friday's Time Trial a demonstration event, and we want to keep it in that spirit."

1. No Disc Wheels Allowed.
2. No Aero Bars Allowed.
3. TT Helmets are okay.


Registration for 2015 is now open and will close on Thursday June 11, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. EST.

Criterium Race Flyer

**Registration closes at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern Time) Thursday, June 11, 2015
***The Race Entry Fees do not include One-Day License Fees.
****Riders must register according to their USA Cycling License.


Friday, June 12th 5:30 p.m. Central Michigan University's Campus

NEW 2015 Twilight Time Trial Map (PDF)

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Map created by David K. Patton, PH.D., Professor and Chairperson, Department of Geography at CMU


Men 5 - (3 deep) Trophy
Men 4 - (5 deep) $40,$35,$30,$20,$15
Women 4 - (3 deep) Trophy
Women 1-3 - (7 deep) $130,$115,$90,$70,$60,$30,$30
Men 3 - (5 deep) $50,$40,$30,$25,$20
MASTERS 35+ - (5 deep) $40,$30,$25,$20,$15
Masters 45+ / 55+ - (5 deep) $40,$30,$25,$20,$15
Juniors 10-18 - (9 deep) Medal
Men 1-2 - (8 deep) $175,$130,$115,$75,$70,$60,$50,$40

*Results will be posted on Result Board next to the Payout Table (see map below). 15 min. protest period for each category.
**Promoter reserves the right to adjust purse based upon number of racers registered. Chief Ref can make adjustments to times and categories as needed. Chief Ref may combine categories if min field numbers are not met.


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*Packet Pick-up will be held at the Registration Table located in the parking lot of the Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel and Conference Center 2424 S Mission, Mt. Pleasant starting at 4:00 p.m.
**Wheel Pit will be located at Start/Finish Line. Wheels in/wheels out until 5 min to go in each category.

Area Hospital:
McLaren Central Michigan
1221 South Dr., Mt. Pleasant MI 48858

On-Site Medical:
On-Site non-emergency medical needs for scrapes and bruises will be attended by nurses from McLaren Central Michigan. There will be a medical tent located near the Start/Finish Line along with an emergency vehicle close by, should emergency transportation be necessary.

Inclement Weather:
In case of severe weather, a designated shelter location has been determined. The designated location for Friday, June 12th will be the Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel & Conference Center 2424 S. Mission, Mt. Pleasant.