Le Tour de Mont Pleasant



2014 Le Tour de Mont Pleasant


criterium: A criterium is a multi-lap race held on a small course entirely closed to traffic. The course is usually less than 1 mile in length. It is also known as a crit.

NEW FOR 2014: The Criterium for 2014 with be held on SATURDAY, June 7, 2014 in Downtown, Mt. Pleasant. The Criterium route will be a .92 mile closed course that will run through the heart of the downtown shopping district. This 7 corner loop with long straight-aways and a roundabout will allow seasoned riders to really fly which means great viewing excitement for all spectators. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the fun and excitement!


Registration for 2014 is now open and will close on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

Criterium Race Flyer

**Registration closes at 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) Wednesday June 4, 2014
***The Race Entry Fees do not include One-Day License Fees.
****Riders must register according to their USA Cycling License.


Saturday, June 7, 2014 from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM

2014 Criterium Map (PDF)

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Map created by David K. Patton, PH.D., Professor and Chairperson, Department of Geography at CMU


Men 5 - (3 deep) Trophy
Women 4 - (3 deep) Trophy
Juniors 10-14 - (6 deep) Medal
Masters 45+ / 55+ - (8 deep) $200,$140,$85,$75,$65,$55,$45,$35
Women 1-3 - (8 deep) $300,$200,$150,$100,$80,$70,$60,$50
Juniors 15-18 - (3 deep) Medal
Men 1-2 - (12 deep) $300,$200,$150,$100,$90,$80,$70,$60,$50,$40,$40,$40
Masters 35+ - (8 deep) $200,$140,$85,$75,$65,$55,$45,$35
Men 3 - (8 deep) $200,$140,$85,$75,$65,$55,$45,$35
Men 4 - (8 deep) $110,$90,$75,$55,$50,$45,$40,$35

Omnium Payouts:
Men 1-2 - (5 deep) $150,$125,$100,$75,$50
Men 3 - (4 deep) $125,$100,$75,$50
Men 4 - (3 deep) $150,$80,$70
Masters 35+ - (4 deep) $125,$100,$75,$50
Masters 45+ / 55+ - (3 deep) $125,$75,$50
Women 1-3 - (3 deep) $150,$80,$70
Women 4 - (3 deep) $125,$75,$50

*Results will be posted on Result Board next to the Payout Tent. (See map below) 15 minute protest period for each category.
**Promoter reserves the right to adjust purse based upon number of racers registered. Chief Ref can make adjustments to times and categories as needed. Chief Ref may combine categories if min field numbers are not met.


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*Packet Pick-up will be held at the Registration Table located in the parking lot on the corner of Broadway and Franklin St. (305 E. Broadway Street, Mt. Pleasant)
**Wheel Pit will be located at Start/Finish Line near the corner of Broadway Street & Franklin Street. Wheels in/wheels out until 5 min to go in each category. Any unclaimed wheels may be picked up at the registration area located in the parking lot on the corner of Broadway and Franklin St..

Area Hospital:
McLaren Central Michigan
1221 South Dr., Mt. Pleasant MI 48858

On-Site Medical:
On-Site non-emergency medical needs for scrapes and bruises will be attended by nurses from McLaren Central Michigan. There will be a medical tent located near the Start/Finish Line along with an emergency vehicle close by, should emergency transportation be necessary.

Inclement Weather:
In case of severe weather, a designated shelter location has been determined. The designated location for Saturday, June 7th will be City Hall at 320 W Broadway St., Mt. Pleasant and Mt. Pleasant Housing Commission at 1 Mosher St., Mt. Pleasant.